Your teacher, Lawrence Rush

Culinary Adventures in the New York City area... with a Musical Twist!


In music, a cappella means singing without any instrumental accompaniment. In other words, you’re on your own! No matter what level of cook you are, at Cooking A Cappella, you can learn to cook delicious meals all on your own, right in your own home! There are dozens of exciting, fun and informative classes to choose from that will satisfy both the beginner and more advanced cooks, or you can design your own! Learn to make that dish you always wanted to, or to cook that cuisine you were a little afraid to delve into. Learn skills that will lift your meals out of the ordinary! We bring everything and do all of the clean up…you just learn, eat and enjoy! Oh, and singing is optional in our private classes!


You want to get a group of friends or family together and want to do something a little different? Do you have a birthday, shower, bachelorette party or another event to celebrate, but not sure how? Have a cooking party! Choose a theme, set of skills, or cuisine and we’ll come to your home and teach you and up to 20 guests how to make whatever it is you’d like to learn, after which, you’ll enjoy a delicious meal together! Or choose a cheese region or theme and we’ll put together a wonderful cheese and wine tasting party for you! We’ll also provide some entertainment in the form of singing and might get you and your guests singing along as well. And if you would rather not host in your home, let us find a venue that will perfectly fit your needs. Delicious, informative and most of all…fun, these parties are a wonderful way to celebrate any event!


Cooking classes, especially ours, are a great way to get people working together to arrive at a common goal. Choose from dozens of classes or create your own, and let us guide your group of up to 20 people through the creation of a wonderful meal. Afterwards, you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor together. Or, have a delicious and informative cheese and wine tasting event! The addition of singing in our classes adds another level of community building, as well. Stress-reducing and smile-inducing, our cooking classes and cheese tastings bring people together, creating team spirit and happy stomachs at the same time!


What makes us different here at Cooking A Cappella is the entertaining addition of music into our classes! Your teacher, chef/ owner Lawrence Rush, has not only worked as a caterer, cheesemonger, personal chef and pastry chef in several New York City restaurants, but he’s also a professional singer and an award-winning composer. You might be serenaded with your favorite song while whisking that zabaglione. And your meal will most likely end in a sing-along! Request your favorite songs or let us come up with ones that will appropriately accompany your food. We like to change the lyrics sometimes to add a little levity and food-relatedness to the proceedings, too. And no one will make you sing if you don’t want to, so there’s no pressure! It’s just all part of the fun at Cooking A Cappella!

Our classes and parties are affordably priced! Pricing will depend on class, group size and venue, so Email us with your ideas and we will respond with a price quote. See “Classes” page for some examples of classes and prices.